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There are over 600 muscles in the body. Without them you could not lift heavy objects, pump blood from your heart, or move the body without thinking about it. Even your skeleton needs muscles to move. Muscles are made from an elastic type of material similar to a big rubber band. Each muscle has tens of thousands of these small fibers. Some of your biggest and most powerful muscles are in your back, near your spine. These muscles help keep
you upright and standing straight and tall.
We call that good posture!

Muscles come as voluntary and involuntary muscles. They lay in layers, often one muscle will lay on top of another. Your brain tells all the muscles what to do, like a huge computer. To jump in the air the brain tells the body which muscles to contract or expand, make tighter or looser. Some muscles are called ‘smooth’ they often move involuntary. They are at work all through your body; your eyes to focus, your bladder, your stomach, your digestive system to swallow and to digest food, the uterus, to throw up when ill, to talk or sing and the list goes on.

The skeleton has to have muscles attached to it, stretching between or across bones or joints, to cause them to move. These skeletal muscles work with your bones to give your body power and strength. Some of these are not muscles but are tendons. Tendons are cord like tough tissue which connects between bones and muscles. You can see them in your fingers when they move.

A good appetite will allow the body to grow and develop. As a boy grows into a young man his voice changes, he becomes clumsy and runs into things for no reason except his body is growing so fast. And his hair starts growing everywhere. A good under arm deodorant is very useful from then on.

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