Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living Well Into A Great Old Age

I hear so many older people say, I don’t want to make 80 or 90 years of age. They issue a statement as, “I’ve lived long enough and I don’t want to live unhealthy any longer.” “I don’t want to be a burden to my children.” “I don’t want to raise my family in this terribly wicked world”.

Stop the do-not's and start the do’s. I WANT to live healthy and intelligent for as many years as God as assigned to me. I have lots of good work to do, lots of places to see, lots to learn, and lots to be or become for me and my family.

WOW! I am floored by their giving up the abundant life, the joyful blessings that we are promised in the scriptures. OK, maybe you aren’t into daily prayer and reading your scriptures for blessings. It wouldn’t hurt!

If one-in-four people in the US have stopped believing in tomorrow and therefore do not take care of themselves today…it might easily be said that they won’t live much longer, or they will worry themselves sick and die.

The news is full of good tidings about a longer life style. Newsmen report: with all the research in health care, drugs and surgery, we should reach the age of 125 years, easily. A simple plan like daily walking, fresh whole foods, proper breathing for our lungs and heart, and muscle strengthening with some aerobic exercise to maintain a flexible body. These will give us all we need for our health, except continuing education to increase intelligence. Our thoughts maintain the level of our life - raise them up.

I went to a fair last winter and met a young man who was touting deep breathing. He said when your body gets proper clean air to enlarge your lungs through deep breathing exercises, you become healthier.

The next booth was a food booth with lots of dried foods to sample. Their claim was to balance your diet with foods that you can’t grow in your garden in our colder climate. What a great idea. Add fresh high Ph water to restore health and use these dried items in meal planning to enjoy fresh garden quality foods in the dead of winter. All those melons, berries, pineapple, bananas, citrus fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs that we need for variety in our diets, right out of the #10 can on our shelves. American innovation, creation and industry are applauded. Studies show the Mediterranean diet is good for health.

Following those two booths were the exercise equipment booth and the massage booth. I believe in both for good health. A massage a week relieves the body of stress, tight painful muscles from exercise and any toxins. I also believe in using Synergy’s ProArgi9 drink daily. It heals the arteries and provides nutrients for excellent health. Yes, I sell it. Just ask.

With high beliefs and real follow through we can all live healthier lives and have internal and external happiness to enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Start by changing your mind to change your lifestyle. Next, change your archaic ideas about ‘live fast and die young – to leave a beautiful memory’. There is too much out there to enjoy in life to cut it short. Live, love, laugh & enjoy the life you've been given.

Long, healthy life will give you the most intrinsic variety of beautiful memories. When you look in the mirror and see wrinkles – smile. If you see a muscle sagging, work on tightening it up. No one looks like the air-brushed models shown on our magazine covers. If you saw them, waking up in the morning, you would get over it! We are all beautiful! Say this out loud as you look in the mirror. When you body is fit and your mind is expanded by knowledge, you will have plenty of admirers.

Growing old is a blessing. Find your life’s purpose, enjoy your work, change any negative opinions, read more, study more, take that walk in the fresh air, spend time exercising and taking time with friends. Have fun!

Expect to stay healthy and vital. Expect to wake up smiling at age 125 with a body that is beautiful and ageless. It is all in your mind and in your own living habits. OK, it IS all up to YOU! Have some fun today and smile!