Saturday, February 5, 2011


Part 3

HAIR - A beautiful, shinny head of thick hair is the beauty of the women advertising in magazines. They tell you that a bad hair day is bad for your self-esteem, causes you to feel insecure, or you think everyone is looking at your hair - whether clean, dirty, stringy, or those balding spots. As they sell this or that product from their mega-stores to convince you their product is the very best one of all for your hair, let me give you some of my Mother's advice.

On a day when you can just concentrate on you, here are some great ways to make you look and feel great! Take a bath and wash your hair. It is best to use a clarifying shampoo - one that will strip your hair of all the oils weighing it down. Allow the shampoo to stay in your hair for 5-7 minutes before rinsing out.

Then mix together this recipe: One cup of mayonnaise, one or two eggs well beaten and one tablespoon of vanilla. The vanilla cuts the odor of mayo. Mix well.

Apply the mayo mixture to wet hair. Get from the top of your head all the way down to the ends, which may need attention. Run a wide tooth comb through your hair to be sure the mayo mixture is evenly applied. Now, cover your head with a shower cap and then wrap it with a small towel to secure it. Let this sit on your hair for about one-half hour. I hear you asking, Why? This will lock in the heat rising from your scalp and allow the mayo mixture to heal the hair shaft.

While you are waiting, I'm thinking you are out of the shower while you are applying the mayo mixture. Read a book, do your nails or toenails, and sit with your feet up. OK, you might also pluck your eyebrows or facial hairs. You have time!

When the timer dings, wash your hair again to remove the mayo mixture and dry it. Check it for shine. Admire yourself! You should look like the pictures in the magazines.

I remember when I was young that Mom bought me a special hair brush. In those days we brushed our hair 50-100 times before bedtime. Yes, this included turning our head toward the floor and brushing it underneath, too. This brush, however, was to be used after the brushing in the morning. It had a contained place, like a squirt gun, to hold oil. It also had some tiny little holes that allowed a drop of oil to come out when you were brushing your hair. This brought a shine to your hair that was brilliant. I remember the men used VO-5 to run through their hair to give their hair a shine.

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