Thursday, February 17, 2011


Part 4

Bran and Foods with Bran:
The News is filled with new ideas about bran. Bran is the outer layer or the husk of grain. It is a health promoting fiber. Its benefits include B vitamins, protein, iron and fiber, of course.

Everyone knows that bran is good for you; that it helps keep you regular; that it is good for the digestion; that it is an insoluble dietary fiber and breaks down slower. Per today’s Nutritionists - Consuming bran will have tremendous benefits for the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, as a pro-biotic food, in reducing or combating heart disease, and perhaps in controlling weight. The effects of a bowel cleansing and a reduction of toxins and impurities in the body have given bran a good name. The only bad publicity of bran is too much of it causes gas and bloating.

Oat bran is excellent for your heart. It helps lower blood cholesterol levels and helps reduce the need for insulin in Diabetics. It becomes sticky and makes a thick gel when combined with water. My favorite use of oat bran is in oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies. No one can tell, even in bread.

Wheat Bran is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber it is the indigestible outer husk of wheat and is found in other cereal grains. You find wheat bran in breakfast cereals, baked-goods, breakfast bars and granola. You can add it to pancakes, cookies, muffins, and even shakes. After consuming wheat bran you will have a feeling of fullness. Many dieters use this hint. Wheat bran is added to many recipes and can be found at your regular grocery store. Wheat can also be sprouted for Vitamin C.

Rice Bran is the newest weapons in the arsenal against high cholesterol, poor digestion, poor nutrition and other age-related problems. When rice is milled the outer layer is removed, this is the bran. There is also rice oil that is consumable. We live close to a Chinese Grocer and find many Eastern health products available there. Check for a store in your neighborhood.

For the best secret results and the longest healthy life, please begin to use bran, lots of fresh herbs, home-grown vegetables and fruits, and bake or broil your meats. In the summertime try to eat out of your garden, and get lots of fresh air by going on walks. Stop and smell the roses. Find a hobby or something that you enjoy doing OUTDOORS and get a little sunshine with Vitamin D. Take your family along or a friend. Remember to use a sun screen topically and do not burn. If you live in a colder climate remember to wear layers with long sleeves that can be wrapped around your waist when no longer needed.

Caper’ Diem = Seize the day and live long!

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