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Enzymes are abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables. During the winter we should continue to eat meals with fresh salads and fruit compotes. Eating fruits between meals is a good practice for good health. Enzymes are needed for every chemical action, cellular activity, and reaction in the body. We need them for strengthening our immune systems and digesting proteins.

Without enzymes life cannot exist. They are the work force of the body. They increase oxygen levels. They raise your Ph, they unlock the nutrients from the foods we eat, and they participate in breaking down toxins and dissolving cholesterol. Enzymes assist in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Our organs, tissues, bones, teeth, blood, nerves and cells are built by coordinating with enzymes. These enzymes produce electrical energy and protect your nervous system.

Our immune system, bloodstream, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, as well as our ability to see, think, and breathe all depend upon enzymes. Enzymes are also one key to weight loss. Enzymes have specific functions determined by the arrangement of amino acids. Enzymes distribute your range of energy. You can tell when you wake up ready for the day or not.

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Vitamin and mineral supplements will not make up for dietary deficiencies of enzymes. However taking a lipase enzyme pill will assist the body in digestion, the distribution and storage of fat, and the break down and dissolution of the fats that accumulate in the arteries, capillaries and your organs. Lipase is a winter solution to living without a garden of fresh foods.

The foods we eat must be completely digested and assimilated by our cells to give us the nutrients that our body needs to function with wellness. Should we have a high fever, become ill, eat over-cooked foods, or cook our foods 118 degrees or higher we destroy or deplete our enzymes. Drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol, using tobacco or drugs put an immense burden on our enzymes and their production - Avoid these habits.

Here are a few ways to increase your enzymes. Sprouting grains and legumes; eating nuts and seeds; going on a fast for 24 hours; drinking ½ your body weight in ounces of water; ingesting 3 drops of oil of lemon daily; taking yogurt and acidophilus daily, and adding trace minerals with your daily multiple vitamins. Be sure to soak your sprouts at least 24 hours before eating. Using these ideas for assisting your body to produce enzymes at a higher level will reduce your health-care costs and give you a longer life full of health and joy. Are you ready to increase your quality of life?

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